Steel structure grid installation

Steel structure grid installation


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Steel structure grid installation construction video

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Brief introduction of jacking-up technology for installation of Prune grid and on-site photos

Hydraulic synchronous jacking construction method is a new construction technology. The steel structures such as space truss and pipe truss are assembled on the ground. Hydraulic jack is controlled by computer, and the steel structure is synchronously jacked to the design height. Its main advantage is to transfer high altitude operations to the ground. It greatly reduces the probability of safety accidents, facilitates the tracking, inspection and rectification of construction quality, and ensures the construction progress more effectively. Especially in harsh weather conditions (such as gale, fog, rain and snow, etc.), most of the installation work can proceed as usual, which is incomparable with other conventional installation methods.

With this technology, dozens of projects have been installed.

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Yantai Zhangyu Winery Special-shaped grid (bolt ball, welding ball mixed) area: 310,000 square Meters

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Computer Controlled Synchronized Lifting (Zhangyu Winery Site)

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Zhangyu Winery Lifting Site

Spherical shell latticed frame (bolted spherical joint) of coal storage yard of a coal preparation

plant in Shuozhou, Shanxi Province, with a bottom diameter of 10400mm

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Xiaogan Branch of Hubei Institute of Engineering (Bolted Ball and Welded Ball Mixed)

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Hot Spring Hall of a Seaside Hotel in Qinhuangdao (three-storey grid, bolt ball and welding ball mixed)

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Dolphin Hall (Mixed) in Dragon Dream Paradise, Taihu Lake, Changxing, Zhejiang Province

Dry Coal Shed of Taizhou No.2 Thermal Power Plant in Zhejiang Province

On-site photos of Taizhou Power Plant

1. General situation of the project:

The roof load-bearing structure of the steel grid of the pole coal shed of Taizhou No. 2 Power Plant in Zhejiang Province is composed of four-corner stacking shell, double-layer bolt ball and welded ball (mainly welding ball, accounting for 85%). The length of the grid is 120 meters and the span is 111.000 meters. The arch is 37.715 meters high and the grid is 3 meters thick. Two rows of supports are arranged on both sides of the length direction. See the following picture:




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